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Braided wristbands - unique & exclusive to Promo-Bands! Available in any colour but adult size only. Wide enough to carry a QR code to connect with your target audience. 

This style of the wristband is unique, (and cannot be copied or forged), and can therefore be used as an actual entry pass to your event. While colour coding helps security staff quickly identify bonafide visitors at a glance.

This leaves the print area and micro QR code free for other purposes, offering many benefits. 

The logo area can be printed with the name & date of your event, providing a lasting souvenir for visitors to keep as a memento. Meanwhile the QR code would be linked to a webpage which promotes your event.

A recommended use for the link is a webpage which is regularly updated with news, offers, competitions etc., prior to the event. This encourages regular interaction, promoting & increasing interest leading up to the event.

 After the event, change the same webpage into a gallery, where people can review the highlights and even look for images of themselves. But importantly, use this gallery feature to promote the next event, giving great longevity and value from the one promotion.

Another option is to send the SCANaBAND™ out via post to potential attendees, so as to boost visitor numbers. When scanned, they see information promoting the event and if they bring it along they can use it to collect a goody bag or get a free coffee etc. 

 Alternatively, the QR code can open a Google Map, showing the location of an event.

 Also available without the QR code if required - please see Braided Bands.