Custom Printed Silicone Keyring & Mini-Loop Keyrings!

Our standard size of custom printed silicone keyring is 202mm x 12mm.

Each keyring holds a lot of space to allow for almost any style of artwork, and have proved to be a customer favourite across a wide range of many industries. Whether it be for brand promotion, fundraising for charitites / causes or for commerical re-sale, these custom printed keyrings are an amazing tool to be capitalized on by the savviest in marketing & advertising.

Starting with 100 silicone keyrings for £109.99 including express delivery!

Prices include:
 Any one colour silicone.
 Any one colour ink. 
 Free design service.
 Set up costs.
 Free express delivery.

Our silicone keyrings are approximately 202mm (L) x 12mm (W) x 2mm (T). We always use top quality 100% silicone & the best hard wearing inks.

Printed Keyrings Option - Deboss & Infill

Deboss & Infill is a great design option for many reasons. This is when your design is engraved into the surface of the silicone, and then filled with ink. This leaves the ink less vulnerable to everyday wear & tear, whilst also providing a great finishing touch to your custom printed keyrings.

This costs just £20.00 GBP extra per design / size.

Printed Keyrings Option - Mixed Colour Pack

It's great to note that you can mix your printed keyring order between 5 silcone silicones for under £15! This is a great option that many of our customers utilise in order to cater to a wider variety of audiences, for instance some tend to also use these to identify different house groups within a school or club.

You can upgrade your custom printed silicone keyrings order to include a mixed colour upgrade for just £14.99 extra per 5 silicone colours.

Printed Keyrings Option - Rainbow Segmented

These rainbow keyrings are great for raising awareness and are definitely a hit among our customers during the pride month each year.
During the summer holidays custom printed rainbow keyrings are too good to miss out on, so whether it be for personal, business or charity use we always suggest our customers to give this option a try.

You can upgrade your custom printed silicone keyring order to include rainbow segmentation for just £69.00 GBP extra per 100 pcs.

Printed Keyrings Option - Mini Loops!

These mini-loop keyrings are a great option for anyone searching for a custom printed silicone keyring that isn't too large or intrusive. Starting at the size of 120mm x 12mm, these are almost half the size of our regular keyrings - yet they still pack a big punch when it comes to promotion, re-sale or fundraising! Our customers sometimes like to split their order between the regular size and these to help reach a wider aduience.

You can add this for just £10.00 GBP per each extra size / design.

Custom Printed Silicone Keyring (Design Options)

Our keyrings are completely customisable - pick your own; sizes, colour of silicone & ink, fonts, clip-art, layout & design!
Just tell us your preferences & our professional in-house designer will take care of the rest.

Above you can find our most popular colours chart. These colours are bold, bright and perfect for printing. With very strong contrasts, you can't go wrong by choosing one of these.

Above you can find some of our most popular fonts. These are great for printing with, and certainly help out our customers a lot when it comes to font choices.

Above you can find some of our most popular clip-arts. This is a small gallery our designer has amassed over time, however you're more than able to choose your own!