How to make Jumpies™ jump!

Logo Jumpies™ - Jumping tips

Here's some tips of how to get the most from your Logo Jumpies™.


1. Using two hands, turn the jumpies completely inside out.

2. Hold your inverted Jumpies at the edges, with the logo side facing downwards.

3. Place on to a firm surface & standby for your Jumpies to pop!


Jumping Times:

Unlike similar items, Logo Jumpies™ have a unique built in feature that allows you to control how soon they jump.

Logo Jumpies can either jump immediately or be given a longer fuse for delayed jumping. With this special feature in play, your Jumpies will pop when you least expect them to. Great for pranking your colleagues!

quick jump

Quick Jump Option:

Using a gentle sideways pressure when turning your Jumpies inside out, will make it pop quickly.


slow jump

Slow Jump Option:

Applying a firmer pressure, (by squeezing your Jumpies sideways when inverted), will give a slower pop time.

The firmer the squeeze, the longer the delay.

To reset your Jumpies simply pop it manually & re-invert it, using the desired pressure.

With a little practice, you'll soon become expert in judging the jumping time of your Jumpies!