Promo-Bands are the UK's leading supplier of vape bands - we've been doing this for longer than any of our competitors and as well-versed vapers ourselves, we know what you're looking for.

Vape Bands are the new MUST-HAVE accessory for vape stores, juice brands and mod manufacturers - they provide an added layer of protection for your fragile glass tanks, as well as being an unrivalled promotional product for the vape industry - wherever your customer goes with their vape pen, your name & logo will be on display every time they take a puff!

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Free Business Sample Packs - email us with your postal address and an idea of your requirements. 

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We always have many new product ideas. Choose any colour silicone for your vape rings and any colour ink. For a more impressive final appearance add deboss and really stand out.

With a minimum order of only 5 pcs and great prices, vape bands offer the perfect way to promote your vape shop or brand.