Custom Printed Braided Wristbands - Exclusive to Promo Bands!

Our standard size of custom printed braided wristbands is 202mm.

Each braided wristband has a lot of space available for artwork, this means it is great for large logos / designs, along with any detailed pictures such as a QR code. Not only this, they are also completely exclusive to Promo Bands. This means that you wont find them anywhere else in the world!

Starting with 100 pcs + 50 free for just £99.99 including express delivery!

Prices include:
 Any one colour silicone.
 Any one colour ink. 
 Free design service.
 Set up costs.
 Free express delivery.

Our silicone braided wristbands are approximately 202mm in length.
We always use top quality 100% silicone & the best hard wearing inks.

What should these wristbands be used for?

Our customers have used these custom printed braided wristbands for a wide variety of needs, ranging from fundraising to brand promotion. They can be used as a great tool when it comes to generating money, and due to their exclusivity and unique design - personalised braided wristbands truly are an eye catcher which are sure to start off conversations about the relevant cause or business.

Braided Wristbands Option - Mixed Colour Pack

It's great to note that you can mix your printed braided wristband order between 5 silcone silicones for under £15! This is a great option that many of our customers utilise in order to cater to a wider variety of audiences, for instance some tend to also use these to identify different house groups within a school or club.

You can upgrade your custom printed silicone braided wristbands order to include a mixed colour upgrade for just £14.99 extra per 5 silicone colours.

Braided Wristbands Option - QR Codes

Due to the large printable area of our custom printed braided wristbands, many of our customers utilise this space to include QR codes. These are an awesome bit of tech designed & adopted by Japan, which is now growing overseas in the West at a rapid rate. These codes can point to a URL or website page to drive & increase web traffic immensley!

Will I make a return off of my initial investment?

In short terms the answer is yes, definitely. However, to explain further it is important to note that wristbands & keyrings are still among the top leading products when it comes to promotions & advertising. This is due to their great ability of being retained and noticed by potential customers, rather than a simple leaflet or a business card - which most people are likely to throw away! It's imperative that customers stay keen, and how else better to keep them from forgetting than to be with them 24/7 on their wrist or keys?

Custom Printed Braided Silicone Wristband (Design Options)

Our wristbands are completely customisable - pick your own; sizes, colour of silicone & ink, fonts, clip-art, layout & design!
Just tell us your preferences & our professional in-house designer will take care of the rest.

Above you can find our most popular colours chart. These colours are bold, bright and perfect for printing. With very strong contrasts, you can't go wrong by choosing one of these.

Above you can find some of our most popular fonts. These are great for printing with, and certainly help out our customers a lot when it comes to font choices.

Above you can find some of our most popular clip-arts. This is a small gallery our designer has amassed over time, however you're more than able to choose your own!